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Privacy Law NavigatorA comprehensive resource providing instant access to privacy laws by country or region (incl. US states) with a detailed taxonomy and useful links.

Data Privacy NewsfeedDiscover, bookmark, and share the critical stories unfolding in global data privacy. We also invite contributions from volunteer country editors.

Data Regulator FinderFind, bookmark, and get contact details for data privacy regulators / DPAs from around the globe with a simple and intuitive interface.


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We work with nonprofits and data-for-good teams to host data crowdsourcing projects which can be used to power apps, maps, and dashboards in support of important causes.


A brief history of data ownership

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The Collaboration Hub is operated by the Data Collaboration Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to a future where all data is fully-controlled by its rightful owner. We see CONTROL as the key to establishing meaningful data ownership and unlocking collaborative intelligence. ​ #AccessNotCopies

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